The usual suspects are waffling on over a gender neutral Potato Head – 25 hilarious reactions

The makers of the Mr and Mrs Potato Head toys, Hasbro, are to introduce a Potato Head family pack with a wider mixture of body parts, leaving the kids who own them to decide whether the plastic tuber they’re playing with has a male, female or other persona.

The company claims it’s to cater to a modern market that is less inclined to want gendered toys, following in the pointy footsteps of Mattel’s gender-neutral equivalents to Barbie, Creatable World.

Although Hasbro had in no way suggested that the move was in response to anyone claiming to be offended by the gendered toys, there was always going to be a backlash.

In the US, the outcry stemmed from prominent voices on the right.

In the UK, the chip was most firmly on the shoulder of the self-styled arbiter of wokeness in food – Piers Morgan, who has previously turned puce over the existence of vegan versions of sausage rolls and *checks notes* M&S Percy Pigs.

His Twitter foil, Gary Lineker had an answer.

He was far from being the only person to roast Morgan for his indignation.

Shortly after the news broke, there was an update from Hasbro, theoretically putting all faux outrage back in its box.

Too late for the blood pressure of Piers Morgan and anyone who’s ever agreed with a Fox News opinion piece.

These people thought it was mash ado about nothing.