This ‘elite’ team of rollerblading cops didn’t entirely match expectations – 9 favourite takedowns

Police in Karachi, Pakistan, are trying a new tactic in the fight against crime.

They’ve trained an ‘elite’ armed rollerblading unit to help catch the criminals, although it’s fair to say that for a lot of people, expectations were not entirely met by the reality.


The takedowns came thick and fast.

And to illustrate this point, here’s the video again, but this time with added footage of roller blading cops from other forces …

"Elite" Karachi rollerblade taskforce…expectation vs. reality

And here’s exactly what people made of that.

‘MY ONLY WEAKNESS… stairs.. and grass. And uneven ground in general. Climbing a fence. Oh but I can jump this MOPED.’ DownTheHatch80

‘And a little rock on the pavement. And a puddle. And a steep hill.’ Info1847

‘They need short-shorts for more range and mobility to move like a cheetah out in the field – Lt. Dangle.’ High_on_Strife

‘How do you manage recoil when shooting?’ kaustuvjha

‘You just roll with it.’ TheMunCheese

‘You turn around and fire the opposite direction you want to go so the momentum makes you faster.’ ZenRhizer

‘How can we make chasing badguys more fun?’ Gods_Perfect-Asshole


19 glorious times people were totally destroyed in the comments

Source Reddit u/JDBAZ Twitter @CBSNews

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