Shelley Winters heckling Debbie Reynolds in a workout video is both hilarious and NFSW

At the age of 51, Hollywood star and mother of the wonderful Carrie Fisher, Debbie Reynolds recorded an exercise video, Do It Debbie’s Way.

She enlisted a few famous friends to join her in the workout, such as Teri Garr, Rose Marie and The Brady Bunch mum, Florence Henderson.

One of the class stood out a little more than the others, because the great Shelley Winters was a particularly disruptive pupil – and it’s a very funny watch.

“Hey, Debbie, are your bulges supposed to hurt?”

The Movies From Hell account shared a clip, featuring some of Shelley’s more riotous moments.

Twitter loved it.

Someone pointed out that the class had answered Shelley’s awkward question about Howard Hughes.

Maybe he wasn’t such a germophobe after all.


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