This Californian school board had to resign after broadcasting itself insulting parents

The perils of remote meetings have been very much in the news, of late, with the Handforth Parish Council drama making a celebrity of Jackie Weaver, and a Texan lawyer feeling the need to explain that he wasn’t a cat.

In a similar vein, the board members of the Oakley Union Elementary School – and the District Superintendent – all stepped down after it became clear that what they thought was a private meeting, in which they ripped into the parents of the school’s pupils, had been broadcast to the public.

NBC reporter, Bigad Shaban, tweeted some choice snippets.

He began with the penny-drop moment they realised they were live.

He then filled in some cringeworthy details.

Bigad Shaban shared a link to a petition to have the board removed, which was at 2,300 signatures, but is currently at more than 7,500 and rising – despite an update explaining that they stepped down.

A key resignation featured in another update.

One member had gone a bit NSFW.

It’s no Handforth Parish Council.

You won’t be surprised to learn that some people were firmly on the side of the board.

Not everyone, though …

If ever a group of people must have wished they’d been hidden behind a cat filter.


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