A potted guide to Boris Johnson’s roadmap – with the best responses

On Monday, Boris Johnson revealed the government’s ‘roadmap’ to take England out of lockdown.

Excitement built up ahead of his address to the Commons, with predictions running rife.

Like so many of us, the PM seemed to be in desperate need of the attention of a good barber – or anything other than a monkey with a pair of scissors.

After days of insisting that the lockdown exit measures would be irreversible, he had a minor clarification to make. They’re not.

Stating that you hope your plan works is very much in the same vein as the Bake Off contestants who say they want to win the contest – it’s kind of the whole point.

The PM described the roadmap as the “crocus of hope, poking through the frost”, yet to many, it looked a little more like the lemon meringue pie, poking through the clouds.

Downing Street posted a thread explaining the key points. Piers Morgan shared it in condensed form – this time with pictures.

Here are some key points.

(All dates dependent on the vaccine rollout continuing to meet its targets, and infection and hospitalisation rates continuing to drop.)

8th March

Pupils return to schools and colleges and school sports restart.

People can meet up with one other person for outdoor recreation or exercise.

Care home residents can have one nominated visitor per week.

No earlier than 29th March

‘Stay local’ replaces ‘Stay at home’.

Up to six people can meet outdoors, including in private gardens.

No earlier than 12th April

All retail including salons, gyms and leisure centres to open.

Pubs and restaurants can serve customers outside.

No earlier than 17th May

Indoor gatherings of up to 6 people allowed – or any amount from 2 households.

Indoor entertainment, hospitality and sports return.

Spectators allowed at outdoor events, upto 50% capacity.

No earlier than 21st June

Social contacts unrestricted.

Nightclubs and theatres reopen.