How Daft Punk sampled this 1979 song for One More Time is an amazing watch (and listen)

As you’ll no doubt have seen by now Daft Punk have split after 28 years and we’ve rounded up some of our favourite reactions here.

Probably their best known tune is One More Time, criminally kept off the top spot by Westlife back in 2000.

We mention it because this fascinating clip of how they sampled Eddie Johns’ More Spell On You has just gone wildly viral and it’s 47 seconds very well spent.

It was shared by @NehhLmao on Twitter …

… and here are just a few of the things people were saying about it.

Us too.

And there’s lots more of this sort of thing courtesy of TrackLib over on YouTube. Find them here.


Our 12 favourite reactions to the news of Daft Punk’s break-up

Source YouTube TrackLib Twitter @NehhLmao

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