This ‘dad of the decade’ note is eminently relatable for any parent who’s tried sleep training their kids

This note left by a parent trying to sleep train their baby went viral on Reddit because it’s eminently relatable for anyone who’s ever been through the whole ‘sleep training’ thing.

Plus, it’s such a nice note, showing a degree of good humour and understanding for their neighbours that many parents going through it would probably be too tired to muster.

‘Dad of the decade,’ said panicake who posted it on Reddit. Although it could have been written by the mum, obviously.

And just a few of the things people said about it.

I mean… I’d be going over to just have some shots with the guy, sounds like the type of dude I’d like to be friends with.’ Plagued415

‘Go every 10-15 min until he’s shitfaced.’ bluntsandbears

‘If you ever have to do this, I recommend that you start at five minute intervals and immediately start to ramp them up. First 5 minutes, then 7-1/2 minutes, then 10, then 15, then 20, then 35, etc.

‘Regular intervals will only encourage the child to keep time. Increasing intervals will let the child know that they are safe and that you are concerned, but that if they are waiting for you to come back, it’s going to take longer and longer, and they will calm down.

‘Source: we weaned two kids off of night crying. Took about three days each.’

‘Oh your talking about the kids I thought this was time between shots of tequila, sorry …’ RetMilRob

And quite a few people just disagreed with the whole idea of ‘sleep training’ from the off.


Finally, someone found something useful to do with a leaf blower

Source Reddit u/panicake

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