A pro-Trump news show ran a segment insulting Joe Biden’s dog – 12 of the ruffest takedowns

After four years of the Trumps’ pet-free residence in the White House, it’s been refreshing to see the Bidens out and about with their two dogs, Champ and Major.

Here’s the First Lady, Dr Jill Biden, giving some mask advice while playing with the First Dogs.

Not everyone is so keen on the two German Shepherds, however. Right-wing news outlet, Newsmax – think Fox News on the cheap – has been watching proceedings with interest, ready to pounce on the new president’s failings, such as *checks notes* Champ’s scruffiness.

“very unlike a presidential dog.”

Yes, that was real and not a cold open on Saturday Night Live, or a skit on The Daily Show. Absolutely barking.

Here’s how tweeters reacted.







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