Larry and Paul’s Daily Briefing puts the real one in the shade

Earlier this week, Boris Johnson fronted a briefing at Downing Street to update everybody on the latest developments around the coronavirus pandemic.

It was low on new information, apart from an announcement about the latest promising treatment, tocilizumab, of if you’re the PM – tociginnugah.

Comedians Larry and Paul should really volunteer to give Johnson a day off – to go with all the other days off he seems to have – because their briefing was every bit as informative as his one, but much, much funnier.

They shared the sketch with Twitter, where it went down rather better than the real one had.

Never mind talking the briefings – Larry and Paul might be up for something even more hands on.

That gets my vote.


Larry and Paul’s new daily briefing sketch could be their most savage yet

Source Larry and Paul Image Screengrab

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