Comeback of the day

Latest in an occasional series, comeback of the week, comes this corker.

‘When you get shot down by facts,’ said lucynyu13 who sent it viral on Reddit.


‘I think the only real concern is snowfall covering the panels. It seems to inhibit ours, at least.’ bapeery

‘Literally the only thing that would stop them working in winter without physically breaking something.’ junkmailboxesh

‘What kind of jackass thinks solar panels stop working because “it’s a bit cold outside”?’ LOL_Murica

‘Probably the same kind of person who thinks a solar farm would “Suck up all the suns energy” & not leave enough for others to use.’ ChewyPandaPoo

Oh yes! And just in case you don’t know that story – or want to enjoy it again – you can read it here.


Simply 23 brilliant comebacks to make your day just a little bit better

Source Reddit u/lucynyu13

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