A Telegraph column about the ‘woke’ being mean to conservatives got the takedowns you’d expect

It’s good to see that somebody is finally standing up for that perennial underdog in society – the conservative.

The latest person to draw attention to their urgent plight is the Telegraph, via Allister Heath, who bemoans the war on conservatism he claims is being waged by institutions around the country.

Won’t somebody please think of the Rees-Moggs of this world.

It follows hot on the heels of the government’s decision to penalise universities if they refuse to engage speakers whose views are unwelcome on campus, including Holocaust deniers and pedlars of covid pseudoscience.

Joining Heath in his war on ‘woke’ are fellow conservatives – note the small c – Julia Hartley-Brewer,

Laurence Fox,

and Donald Trump Jr.

It’s hard to work out why the war hasn’t already been won, with cheerleaders like those.

There wasn’t a great deal of sympathy for Heath’s position.






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