‘She had to make four shots to win a car’ and it had the whole internet cheering

‘Four shots to win a car’ was the challenge and this is what happened next.

Boom! The clip went viral after it was shared by Redditor AristonD although it was not entirely what it seemed.

‘This is Nicole Kornet, she’s a former UCLA Bruins women’s basketball player and did this at her former home arena.
As such, she was not eligible to win the car and participated knowing this but still celebrated as if she had.
She’s also credited as being in the upcoming Space Jam 2 movie.’ TooShiftyForYou

‘Basically it feels the rules are like “everybody who truly has a chance to make it cannot play”’ MountainsAreTheBest

Still mightily impressive!

‘She clearly hoops but making all those shots in a row is impressive no matter who you are.’ djc8


Simply 23 times people didn’t get the joke and made it even funnier

Source Reddit AristonD YouTube

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