Moira Stuart reading out all 17 candidates in this 1984 by-election just gets better and better

The @BBCArchive account on Twitter is a wonderful treasure trove of nuggets from times gone by and this is an absolute classic.

It’s Moira Stuart on BBC News reading out the entire list of candidates – and their parties – in the 1984 Chesterfield by-election.

And it just gets better and better …

The clip went viral on Twitter today and here are our favourite things people were saying about it.

Just in case you were wondering, here’s how it all panned out.

Tony Benn (Labour) – 24,633
Max Payne (Liberal) – 18,369
Nick Bourne (Conservative) – 8,028
Bill Maynard (Independent Labour) – 1,355
David Sutch (Monster Raving Loony) – 178
David Bentley (Four-wheel drive Hatchback Road Safety) – 116
John Davey (Independent) – 83
Thomas Layton (Independent Ecology Party) – 46
Helen Anscomb (Independent – Freight on rails not roads) – 34
Jitendra Bardwaj (Yoga and Meditation) – 33
Donald Butler (Independent – Buy your Chesterfield in Thame Party) – 24
Paul Nicholls-Jones (The Welshman) – 22
Sid Shaw (Elvisly Yours Elvis Presley Party) – 20
Christopher Hill (I am not a number) – 17
Giancarlo Piccaro (Acne Party) – 15
David Cahill (Re-classify The Sun newspaper a comic) – 12
John Connell (Peace) – 7

Peace never had a chance.

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