The ‘Why you should have a cat’ Twitter account is the stress buster we all need – 10 favourites

Nothing needs to be added to the information contained in the name of the Why you should have a cat Twitter account, except to say that it’s a stress buster – and which one of us doesn’t need one of those right now?

1. To conduct scientific experiments that prove they’re a liquid

2. They make handy foot warmers during winter

3. For the cutest fashion shows

4. So you can play the ‘Cat or Towel?’ game

5. For when you need an excuse to take a break from studying

6. Because it’s time there was a follow-up to Ratatouille

7. To give you relationship goals

8. Cat yoga is inspirational

9. They’re great at Hide & Seek

10. For parenting tips

Finally – just look!

Give @ShouldHaveCat a follow to cleanse your timeline.


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Source @ShouldHaveCat Image @ShouldHaveCat

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