The government may green light a ‘Boris Burrow’ tunnel from Scotland to NI

According to The Telegraph, a proposed tunnel, nicknamed the Boris Burrow, running from Scotland to Northern Ireland is being seriously considered as a means for easing trade hold-ups.

The chair of the Northern Ireland select committee was sceptical.

He had good reason. There are so many problems with the idea that the government might as well have announced they’d invented hot ice-cream to put an end to brain freeze.

Twitter filled in the blanks.

There are World War II explosives and chemical weapons dumped in the sea between the two countries.

It would cost a fortune at a time when there are other priorities.

The trade problem is because of red tape, not the difficulty of transporting goods by sea or air.

It would take so long to build this tunnel that the pressing difficulties cause by Brexit would have bankrupted all the traders involved before it helped them – and a lot could have changed.

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