This video guide to the ‘two different types of cat’ went viral because it’s so true

If you’re thinking about getting a cat, then make sure you know which sort you want.

Because there are two types of cat, as ably demonstrated in this video guide which went viral because, well, watch.

We are definitely the one on the right. And so is our cat.

The video also proved popular on Reddit and these are our favourite four comments.

‘One wants to fits. The other wants to sits.’ Watzamata-U

‘The cat on the right REFUSING to even look at the other cat’s shenanigans cracks me up.’ HarvestingEyes

“The only reason I’m anywhere near you is because this is where the box is.” dangoodspeed

“This is fine” vs “But I could be upside down.” Fightfirewitbcn


It’s amazing what things you find in a vase (wait for it …)

Source Twitter @buitengebieden_ Reddit u/Buitengebieden

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