This dog’s brakes broke and it’s 11 seconds very well spent

‘Brakes broke, said WLH7M over on Reddit and they’re not kidding.

Brakes broke from r/funny

You’ll believe a dog can fly …

‘This is one of the most cartoonish things things I’ve seen in a video – right down to the sound effects. That slide/plunk! sound combo is what really got me.’ Pargsnip


‘I was way too worried that he’d do it again.’ PoorCorrelation

‘The real take away is how steady that man held the camera while chortling.’ _Goose_

‘That was the most chortling chortle I’ve heard this year.’ torroman

And here’s a little bit of context from the man who’s dad recorded it.

‘Just wanted to drop some context if anyone digs down deep enough to see it. This is my dad’s dog, Liam. He’s an American Cattle Dog. There was about 1/4 inch of ice on the deck from freezing rain in KY.

‘Apparently this was not the first time he’d done it, just when he perfected it. He was doing it for fun, so my dad recorded it.’ WLH7M

Similar but different was this, shared by fellow Redditor UnstoppableUncle.

Brakes broke from r/funny


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Source Reddit u/WLH7M YouTube

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