Jacob Rees-Mogg’s been talking Weetabix, baked beans and ‘nanny’s homemade marmalade’ – only 4 responses you need

You’ll probably remember how Weetabix caused a bit of a kerfuffle earlier this week when it suggested on Twitter that people might like to enjoy the breakfast cereal with baked beans.

It prompted no end of responses and was a very welcome distraction from everything else going on right now.

But not worthy, surely, of a debate in the House of Commons? Think again, after the issue was raised by Conservative MP Philip Hollobone (no, us neither).

And Jacob Rees-Mogg was only too happy to join in, obviously. What larks!

And these are the only four responses you need (the last one’s a bit NSFW, just in case).

We liked this one too.

Not sure if this is related, or just evergreen.

In (very) short …


Everyone mocked Weetabix for this baked beans ‘twist’ but the NHS nailed it best

Source Twitter @BBCPolitics

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