It’s amazing what things you find in a vase (wait for it …)

This clip of a woman shaking a not inconsiderable vase went viral because, well, watch.

‘Much like the Spanish Inquisition,’ said Reddit ninjistix who shared it.

Surprised? We were.

‘Kid goes in, add some magic, shake it up, cat comes out.’ Livsabeast

‘It even says ‘taikaruukku’, it’s Finnish for magic pot :D’ tulikipuna

‘I didn’t expect the shoes, but I surprisingly did expect the cat.’ MarioManTj

‘I was about to say that, as a cat owner i already expect a cat to appear from places like that.’ MlkCold

‘The shoes were the perfect red herring, I was expecting a child after that.’ Groxy_

‘That pour cat!’ preinternetdad


This cat thinking long and hard before hitting the dog is an all-time classic

Source Reddit u/ninjistix

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