Joe Tracini’s commentary turns this Olympic snowboarding clip into comedy gold

Whatever the Japanese organisers may say, it’s still not a hundred per cent certain that the 2020 Olympics – because they’re still calling them that – will happen this year as planned.

If they do, we’re really rooting for Joe Tracini, Hollyoaks star and lockdown hip-hop king, to be added to the commentary team, and this can be his audition tape.

We know that’s not a summer Olympics event, but can you imagine him commentating on the gymnastics?

This follow-up proves he can learn from his ‘mistakes’.

If we started a petition for more commentaries from Joe, we suspect these people would lend us their signatures.

Here’s a suggestion we could get behind.

Give Joe a follow for more unmissable nuggets.


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Source Joe Tracini Image Screengrab

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