This takedown of conspiracy theory mouthpiece Marjorie Taylor Greene is childish but very funny

You’ll probably have heard of Marjorie Taylor Greene by now.

She’s the conspiracy theory mouthpiece and QAnon supporter who has ended up representing the Republican party in Congress (such is the state of American politics – and America – today).

And while it’s obviously important to highlight her extreme and bigoted views at every opportunity, as this Guardian article does here, it’s also fun when someone does this.

‘You’re a joke MTG,’ said ohnoh18 who shared it on Reddit.

Beautifully done, an all-time classic selfie switcheroo.

‘A joke, you are a joke. Have a good one’!

And here is the original post on Reddit.

You’re a joke MTG from r/PublicFreakout


This interview with a Trump conspiracy theorist started badly and went downhill

Source Reddit yu/ohnoh18 YouTube

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