The unexpected twist to this goalie furiously bouncing the ball is slapstick gold

This is one of those clips that you can watch over and over again and it’ll still make you laugh. At least, we hope it is.

It was shared on a Twitter account called ‘football that didn’t go according to plan’ – or @FootballMares – a clip of a goalkeeper furiously bouncing the ball into the ground and, well, have a watch for yourself.

Just everything about it. Sheer perfection.

And while we’re talking football, let’s take a moment to enjoy these ‘worst 20 seconds of football ever played’

And you can find lots more time football didn’t go to according to plan by following @FootballMares on Twitter here.


You won’t see a worse (or more comical) 19 seconds of football all season

Source Twitter @FootballMares

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