Nickelback rejigged their own hit, ‘Rockstar’, as a shanty and it’s a belter

They say that on the internet, you’re never more than six clicks from a shanty, since a Scottish postman, Nathan Evans, went viral singing a 19th-century New Zealand song – Wellerman.

What ‘they’ didn’t warn you was that one of those clicks would take you to Canadian rockers, Nickelback, rejigging one of their own hits, Rockstar.

Have a listen for yourself.


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♬ Rockstar Sea Shanty – nickelback

We have Manchester band, The Lottery Winners, to thank for this unexpected development in the shanty saga, after they shared their own version of shanty Rockstar on TikTok – and, indeed, collaborated with Nickelback to give us the follow-up.

Both bands shared the song on Twitter.

Tweeters loved it.

There was also this –

You could say he was pushing the envelope.


That viral Wellerman shanty – the hilarious Jacob Rees-Mogg edition

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