These Olympic gold medal vaults 80 years apart went viral because the difference is so astonishing

This video of two Olympic gold medal winning vaults 80 years apart went viral because the difference is so astonishing.

You will no doubt have expected some progress to have been made over eight decades – of course you would – and yet it is still a proper eye opener.

‘Gold medal-winning vaults 80 years apart (Men’s Gymnastics),’ said Peake37902 over on Reddit.

Astonishing stuff.

And here are just three of the things people said about it.

‘Imagine the reaction if the gymnast in 1932 performed the 2012 routine.’ Texas_Nexus

‘Imagine what they’ll be doing in 2092!’ WatchingthewheelsWCH

‘And RoboJones from Neo Guam hits the teleport, He’s doing the temporal handshake with himself from 5 seconds in the past and Oh no, too much contact with his self from another timeline has resulted in a quantum singularity and his hands no longer exist. The CyberGod AI judge will have to deduct points for that one for sure.’ SasparillaTango

Just in case you’re in the mood for this sort of thing, here’ the men’s front crawl, also 80 years apart.


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Source Reddit u/Peake37902 YouTube Reddit

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