The perfect way to deal with a customer who doesn’t respect closing time – probably

West Coast Clovis Wheels and Tires – US spelling – has shared this clip on TikTok, and people aren’t sure what to make of it. See for yourself.


SORRY WE’RE CLOSED!! 🙅🏻‍♂️😂 ##westcoastclovis ##clovis ##559 ##bmw ##chevy

♬ original sound – Westcoast Wheels and Tires

Was it a well-deserved sneaky ejection of an unreasonable person – or terrible customer service?

TikTok users weighed in.

Some thought the ‘customer’ deserved it.

Others didn’t.

And not everyone believed it wasn’t staged.

The story was the same when the clip landed on r/Unexpected.

People really do shit like this. Frequently. Please don’t be that idiot, folks.

Shitmove. The customer did not look like a douche. And they use it as advertisement lol

Finally – because somebody had to say it and we’re glad it wasn’t us –

Tiresome customer


12 times the customer was very, very wrong

Source WestCoastClovis559 Image Screengrab

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