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The 14 funniest reactions to the news that Trump had a Diet Coke button in the Oval Office

We were all only too aware that Donald Trump had access to the big red button – or the nuclear codes, to put it less dramatically – and anyone who didn’t breathe a sigh of relief once they changed them hasn’t been paying attention.

But we overlooked the existence of another button in the Oval Office, and this one is a lot funnier. Over to Times Radio’s Tom Newton Dunn.

It’s probably just the intercom to an assistant’s office, but Trump’s perception of it says so much.

Imagine being the White House Staffer at the other end, spending your time watching for the signal – alert and ready to carry the cold beverage to the – thankfully – teetotal president.

from Hot GIFs via Gfycat

Of course, a revelation like that wasn’t going to escape without comment – so we picked the funniest.









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