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Melania Trump got a White House staffer to write her thank you notes – to White House staffers

In another break with tradition from the Trumps, the former president and First Lady didn’t invite the incoming couple to tour the White House – or even genuinely concede Trump’s loss of the election.

Not that it mattered, with the new president having been the VP.

Trump asked Melania to add her farewell to his.

Leaving with the lowest approval rating of any First Lady in US history, to match her husband’s record-breakingly low score, Twitter’s goodbye wasn’t dripping with sadness.

To put the top hat on all that, it seems that, rather than add the personal touch, Melania Trump offloaded the task of writing thank you notes to the staff.

We can’t say people were all that surprised. These five reactions have it covered.






However glad you’re feeling that the orange man-baby has gone, it probably goes double for Mrs. Trump.

Which raises one major issue.

Rumour has it that Ted Cruz has a spare room.


Simply 14 hilarious guesses at the contents of Trump’s leaving note to Joe Biden (NSFW)

Source Katie Rosman Image Screengrab, Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

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