This puppy’s hilariously short attention span went viral all over again because it’s so adorable

If you only watch one funny dog video this week, make it this one (also – watch more than one funny dog video).

It’s a not entirely new clip that’s just gone viral all over again on Reddit because the attention span of this puppy is just adorable.

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And just a few of the things people were saying about it.

‘Ball! Wait… leaf! Actually… scratch? Oh, human!’ PepsiMoondog

‘The puppy is like me in online classes.’ YouPickedTheWrongDip

‘Ball, plant, human repeat.’ SilenceNerd

‘Mom standing there like “wow… you’re not very bright, are you.” Diogenese-


Anyone who’s ever owned a cat found this hilarious note very relatable indeed

Source Imgur H/T Reddit

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