Larry and Paul’s first daily briefing of 2021 is a lot more honest than the real ones

We feel like 2021 has really started, now that the brutally funny Larry and Paul have produced their first daily briefing parody.

“Travelling five miles to go for a walk is totally unacceptable.

Travelling seven miles to go for a bike ride is perfectly fine.”

We should have watched that instead of the one Priti Patel held on Tuesday. We learnt just as much, but this one was intentionally funny.

Here are a few reactions to the brilliant sketch.

John Di Domenico, the best Donald Trump parody, had these deservedly kind words.

He’s not wrong. If you don’t already follow them, do yourself a favour and put that right.


Larry and Paul’s final ‘Real Daily Briefing’ of 2020 might be the best yet

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