Daily Mail readers had just as much sympathy for kids on those scant food parcels as you’d imagine

You will probably have seen today the widespread outrage at the paucity of the free school meal packages being sent to some children and families learning from home.

The so-called £30 packages are going out to the families of children who would normally qualify for free school meals and are being taught at home because of the pandemic.

It’s pretty much the only story in town today because the parcels being shared on Twitter look so inadequate.

Here’s what footballer and campaigner Marcus Rashford, who has done so much to stop kids from going hungry, had to say.

And cookery writer and food blogger, Jack Monroe.

Except the widespread outrage felt by people everywhere wasn’t shared by readers of the Daily Mail. Of course it wasn’t.

And we only mention it because, even for the Daily Mail, this was quite something, shared by @DMReporter on Twitter.

And here’s the Mail’s story – and some of the comments that followed – in close-up.

Woke carrots.


Marcus Rashford has called out the government over its scant food parcels for schoolchildren

Source Twitter @DMReporter