14 sweet takedowns of this homophobic reaction to a Creme Egg advert

Like snowdrops and hosepipe bans, the arrival of Creme Eggs seems to get earlier and earlier each year.

Some of us have yet to haul the Christmas tree through the house, condemning us to the discovery of pine needles for the next three month, but the Easter-evoking treats are already back in the shops.

Of course, there’s always an advert, and this year’s one, celebrating Creme Egg’s 50th anniversary, is causing a stir.

Warning: contains scenes that may undermine your New Year healthy eating resolution.

For those of you worrying about social distancing, they’re an actual couple – Callum Sterling and Dale K Moran.

After the Daily Mail reported on it, some people took to Twitter to complain, and this tweet attracted the most attention.

Tweeters had some thoughts and they weren’t afraid to share them, including this praise for Cadbury’s approach.

Most reactions made their points with humour.