IMDb’s new piece of Home Alone 2 trivia is another kick in the teeth for Trump

Since his followers stormed the Capitol Building, having been assured that the occupants were trying to steal the election from Donald Trump, by *checks notes* Donald Trump, there have been consequences.

A number of the rioters have been arrested, members of Trump’s staff have resigned, condemning his behaviour as they left, and he has been banned from most social media.

People lined up to indulge in some well-earned schadenfreude.

Mike Pence is being urged to invoke the 25th Amendment, which would remove Trump on the grounds of his unfitness for office, while many senators have instigated impeachment proceedings.

Trump could be jailed for his alleged involvement in the fatal insurrection, but there remains one other indignity available to be inflicted on the stricken president.

Fun fact – Canada cut his scene in 2019.

Joseph wasn’t the only one thinking along those lines.

And this …

Which brings us nicely to this hilarious new addition to the IMDb trivia.

Matt Gabriele made a good point.

Has anyone seen Macaulay Culkin recently?


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