This sketch about ‘the vaccine we really need’ is the laugh we really need

The brilliant Foil Arms and Hog have given us the sketch we really need about the vaccine we really need.

Don’t be dismayed if you don’t live in Ireland – unless it’s to be envious of the whole EU membership thing – because this vaccine is clearly going to get a roll-out worldwide.

Obviously, nobody is actually suggesting using violence against idiots – especially now we know that a total social media ban is available.

YouTube users had a few thoughts to share.

Imagine the world with that vaccine… It would be such a perfect place.
Ludzik Kowalski

Would it work on people who wear a face mask but won’t cover their nose with it?
Bárbara Vieyra

The people who squeeze the Toothpaste tub in the middle should be included.
John Paul Erpe

There’s always one.

This vaccine sounds rushed…. I think I’ll stick to my gobshite behavior for a bit longer.


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Source Foil Arms and Hog Image Screengrab

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