Hillary Clinton takes the ‘Best Own of Donald Trump’ Award – and she didn’t even use words

If you haven’t yet heard the news that Donald Trump has been permanently suspended from Twitter, as well as other social media platforms, congratulations on becoming the 2020-2021 Hide-And-Seek champion.

Twitter has been a non-stop mockeryfest since it happened, and we like to imagine the Loser-in-Chief doomscrolling and thinking up clapbacks he can’t share.

Here are a few things people have had to say about it.

However, the ‘Ultimate Burn Award for Owning Donald Trump’ goes to Hillary Clinton, for being succinct, definitive – and for the quality of her long game.

Back in 2016, she posted this …

We can’t say what he’d tweeted because – well, that tweet doesn’t exist anymore. What we can say is that her follow-up was a beautiful moment.

from Barack Obama GIFs via Gfycat

A lot of people responded – because they could – and it now has almost 100,000 likes.

As The Hoarse Whisperer remarked …


This clip of Donald Trump mocking Hillary Clinton’s pneumonia went viral for reasons that will become obvious

Source Hillary Clinton Image Screengrab