Watching this 2-year-old belting out Let It Go in the snow really lifts the spirits

Despite the partial respite caused by the removal of Donald Trump from a number of social media platforms, much of the news is a constant diet of doom and gloom.

It was, therefore, a very welcome lift to our spirits to spot this cheery moment, shared by the Reverend Mikey Ferguson, courtesy of his two-year-old daughter, Nel.

That’s how to make the best of the snowy weather, without a doubt.

Little Nel’s fabulous vocal stylings brought a little sunshine to everyone who saw the clip – and it’s currently at 1.3 million views before even making it to three days.

Mikey made the most of the viral moment, with this follow-up, which it would be rude not to share.

We can only assume he doesn’t have a Soundcloud.

There was also a happy postscript to the joyous moment.

Television’s favourite priest, Gogglebox star Kate Bottley had this to add.

Amen to that.


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