We love this hilarious radio phone-in spoof but it’s a bit too real for comfort

Doctors have expressed concern that some vulnerable people have been turning down offers of the Pfizer BioNTech vaccine, because they want to have ‘the English one’ – from Oxford AstraZeneca.

Before that vaccine had even been rolled out, comedy sketch group, The Exploding Heads, had made this eerily prescient sketch.

Watch and wonder – and laugh, of course.

Anybody who has ever listened to talk radio – small t, small r – will probably have heard Colin’s real-world representative, and be wondering the same thing as Liverpool Echo journalist, Liam Thorp.

We’re confident it’s just a product of some brilliant writing and performance from The Exploding Heads, and we weren’t the only ones in awe.

If anyone could vouch for its authenticity, it’s this man.

Which is why he played the clip on his LBC show, where it blended in seamlessly.

There was just one complaint.


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Source The Exploding Heads Image Screengrab