Somebody cooked up a Phil Daniels Masterchef and Blur mash-up and it’s simply perfect

Back in the summer of 2020, when there wasn’t much going on in the world, Phil Daniels was one of the contestants on Celebrity Masterchef.

The much-loved actor may not have taken home the coveted trophy, but in many ways, he was the clear winner – because Executive Social Media Producer, Ian Symes, made this clip.

It brilliantly combining Phil’s Masterchef soundbites with his iconic appearance in Blur’s Parklife video.

He puts his trousers on, has a cup of tea, and thinks about making a roux.

Tweeters were understandably impressed.

We certainly can’t argue with Dave Turner‘s assessment.


This footballer’s post-match rant works so well with Blur’s Parklife it’s uncanny

Source Ian Symes Image Screengrab