How Trump pronounced “America” at his rally was very un-Amaaairrrriguhn

Trump‘s final rally as President of the USA took place in Georgia on Monday night, where he made an appearance to promote the Republican candidates for the crucial runoff, which will determine who controls the Senate.

It wasn’t a roaring success, to objective observers.

He continued to peddle baseless claims of electoral fraud.

He got one candidate’s name wrong, calling her everybody’s favourite comedy name – Karen.

All the more awkward since Kelly Loeffler is the sitting Republican Senator for Georgia.

He also managed to mispronounce a word you’d expect to be unmispronouncable to a US president – ‘America’.

We particularly enjoyed these five reactions.






T.J. Chambers touted this possible explanation.

And on the topic of those muscles …

Finally, a simple question.

We’ve been asking ourselves that for the last four years.


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