This armed robbery gone wrong went viral all over again because it just gets better and better

This security camera footage of very possibly the world’s worst armed robber has gone viral all over again because, well, watch.

First the dropped gun, obviously, then the comical attempt to vault the desk, and finally … the trousers. Presumably just out of shot a piano falls on him.

The video went viral after it was shard by Redditor Impossible-Reach-347 on the subReddit ‘instant regret’ and here are just a few of the things people were saying about it.

‘He failed in every possible way, rather impressive.’ Fertilize-Abigail

‘How do you rob a place and leave with less than you walked in with?’ BigDaddyRoch

‘And yet he managed to jump kicked through the door with his pants down . . . That almost makes up for the rest of it.’ mothwithspiderlegs

‘Sir, you left your gun!’ 100LittleButterflies


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Source Reddit u/Impossible-Reach-347 YouTube