This homemade laptop ‘lockdown cinema’ is amazing and the cat makes it even better

It’s all very well watching films on the small (and sometimes very small) screen at home but we do miss the cinema experience and it looks we’re going to be missing it for some time to come.

Director Tom Kingsley, whose credits include Ghosts and Stath Lets Flats, though he’d do something about it by making his own ‘lockdown cinema’ for his laptop.

And it’s amazing.

Here’s a bit of what Tom told us about it.

‘I had the idea ages ago and started making it in the first lockdown but didn’t get a chance to finish it so it took until Christmas to focus on it. My cat was very interested in the whole process so I had to build it when she was having a nap. I used random bits of Amazon packaging – my neighbour had a box for some delivery and they put it in the recycling and I thought, that would be perfect.

‘It just tricks you into thinking it’s a special occasion. You can watch a film on your phone and get a lot from it but I miss cinemas a lot and the thing I miss most is that it makes you concentrate and take the film seriously. We watched Edward Scissorhands on it and it felt exciting. I half expected it to be rubbish but it sort of makes a difference. It might just be the novelty.’

And here is his amazing creation again, this time an aerial shot.

These are just a few of the things people were saying about it after it went wildly viral on Twitter.

And you can follow Tom – @kingsley_tomon Twitter over here.


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