There’s not much sympathy for the ex-pat Brexiters losing access to British TV

Spain has opened its arms to British ex-pats, or to give them a more recognisable name in Brexit jargon – immigrants.

Consequently, the loss of freedom of movement for millions of their compatriots hasn’t had much impact on them, whether they voted Leave or Remain.

One change, however, might just hit closer to home.

Twitter user Joey – @MissRegardless – shared this three-act tragedy – or comedy, depending on your point of view – experienced by her Brexiter parents.

What’s the Spanish for ‘Karma’?

There was limited sympathy for their plight. Very limited.

Joey clarified her position.

She’s right, too. The Sky thing is funny. Here’s what other tweeters had to say about it.

To conclude:


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