Larry and Paul’s final ‘Real Daily Briefing’ of 2020 might be the best yet

Larry and Paul‘s interpretation of the briefings coming from 10 Downing Street have been a silver lining in the absolute bin fire that is all this – *gestures at everything*.

Their latest update on the Christmas coronavirus rules absolutely nails the pattern we’ve come to expect.

The sequel to Tier 3 – ‘Tier 4: Escape from London’.

In a strong field, this is our favourite Real Daily Briefing so far, with Jake Yapp knocking it out of the park as ‘UK Journalist’ and John Di Domenico‘s ranting Trump providing an unexpected but welcome bonus.

They shared the shorter version on Twitter.

Tweeters loved it.

Some words of comfort from Dr Jayne Rodgers.

Eager nod – Welsh thank you.


This parody of the Christmas coronavirus rules briefing is far clearer than the real one

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