Someone said this 108 y/o woman didn’t deserve a vaccine and the takedown was glorious

Just like there’s a small but vocal minority of people who refuse to wear a mask to help stop the spread of the pandemic, so there also appears to be a small but vocal minority of people unhappy with certain people getting the Covid vaccine.

Here’s one of them, taking aim at an 108-year-old Welsh woman who became one of the first care home residents to get the jab.

We only mention it because the exchange that follows is sheer perfection.


‘Don’t you love it when they contradict themselves in the next f-cking sentence?’ Oishiio42

‘Ah yes, the classic “No disrespect, but I’m about to say some disrespectful bullshit”. Such fun.’ zensunniwonderer

‘I don’t even know this woman and I love her already.’ yesimthatvalentine


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Source Reddit u/beerbellybegone

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