Edwina Currie’s no-nonsense takedown of this far-right anti-masker made everyone’s day better

Over on Twitter Paul Joseph Watson – memorably labelled a ‘repulsive, racist, far-right, Muslim-hating, conspiracy theorist imbecile’ by Piers Morgan – has been busy trolling men who wear a mask to help save lives and stop the spread of coronavirus.

We only mention it because former Tory MP and government minister Edwina Currie – you remember – became everyone’s unlikeliest hero when she responded like this.

And if you thought lots of people’s minds immediately turned to John Major, you’d be right.

To conclude …

Only one question remained.


Piers Morgan’s takedown of the far-right YouTuber furious he’d been blocked had everyone cheering

Source Twitter @Edwina_Currie

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