Ted Cruz appeared to troll the whole of Canada and it was an epic self-own

To Canada, where prime minister Justin Trudeau has announced that every Canadian will be able to have the Covid-19 vaccine for free.

A good news story in a year when good news stories have been thin on the ground, obviously.

Except over the border in the US, Republican senator Ted Cruz, the former presidential wannabe and Donald Trump ‘electoral fraud’ cheerleader, had this to say about it.

We’re not 100% sure of the point he was trying to make – it could have been worded better, frankly – but you can have a good guess.

And this comeback was 100%.

As self-owns go, this is surely top tier stuff.

The exchange went viral after it was shared by Raskel_61 over on Reddit and here are just a few of the comments it prompted.

‘Hah, my wife works at Pfizer and has been involved in the vaccine production at the Kalamazoo plant, so I read her the Ted Cruz tweet, not any of the responses or anything else. Her direct, immediate response was “Germany. Germany developed the vaccine.”‘ anras

‘This probably isn’t news to you, but your wife and her colleagues are amazing.’ Shalamarr

‘Ok. Let’s say hypothetically it was made in the US. Why would we not have millions of doses already? That’s not something to be proud of.’ Sneezer2013

Right? What the fuck was his point supposed to be? If it was fully developed in the US and if it was done with the US government’s support…what the fuck does that have to do with Canada providing it to all of their citizens for free?’ glitterlok


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Source Reddit u/Raskel_61 Twitter @MarchForScience