People loved Arnold Schwarzenegger’s advice for this person who’s not felt up to going to the gym

You might remember Arnold Schwarzenegger’s glorious takedown of a troll who called him a snowflake.

Well the Governator doesn’t just do savage comebacks, he also does stuff like this, a brilliant response to someone who got in touch to talk about their depression and the difficulty of going to the gym.


And his response went viral on Reddit because people loved it so much.

‘I’m going through a really hard time right now and this is making me tear up. Thank you. I needed to see this.’ doseofreality90

‘Who else read it in his voice?’ Diamond6751

‘It’s amazing how much kind words can make all of us feel and having the wisdom to do so when needed.’ junkmans_treasure

‘I’m starting to think Arnie is too good for us.’ sparkylocal3


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Source Reddit u/nestig9u

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