The moment this kitten suddenly realises it has 4 paws is a proper treat

This is very funny and a proper awww moment that went viral on Reddit, the precise moment a cat realises it has 4 paws.

And just a few of the things people said about it after it was shared by offender_defender_ over on Reddit.

‘Gorgeous little black fluff, so cute to look at it when it is so perplexed.’ Any_Koala8477

‘How am I supposed to live with these?!’ yellosubmarinedock

‘This reminds me of when my kid was a baby, there was a period where she was just so fascinated looking at her own hands. Like, whooooa wtf are these, it’s like I can control them with my mind….’ wearehalfwaythere

‘Just wait till it discovers it’s tail, hell is gonna break loose🙂.’ SpaGrapefruit


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Source Reddit u/offender_defender_ YouTube

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