Gary Lineker’s always owning Piers Morgan on Twitter – 9 golden greats

Many happy returns to Gary Lineker who turned 60 – 60! – today. If we look half as good as Lineker when we’re 60, well, anyway.

The former England footballer has added several strings to his bow since hanging up his boots, like presenting Match of the Day and selling Walker’s crisps, for instance.

He’s also become rather adept at owning Piers Morgan on Twitter and here are 9 of our very favourites.

1. On Piers Morgan’s Spitting Image puppet

2. On cricketing insults

3. On playing for England

4. On the royal family

5. On footballers diving (or not)

6. On ‘hacking’

7. On playing for England (part two)

8. On nuclear weapons

9. And finally, when Piers Morgan tweeted a photo of himself with Gary Lineker’s then wife, Danielle Bux

Final score: 9 – 0.


People are enjoying how Gary Lineker is tackling the BBC’s new impartiality guidelines

Source Twitter @GaryLineker