The only 5 funny reactions you need to the Tory shocked that the PM broke his word

Chancellor Rishi Sunak delivered a crucial spending review on Wednesday, setting out the cost of the pandemic, and measures to deal with the financial fallout.

Public sector wages came off badly, with a pay freeze, and the spring rise in benefits will fall way below the rising cost of living. He also announced his intention to remove the pledge to pay 0.7% of GNI in overseas aid – slashing it to 0.5%, against the promise in the last manifesto.

David Cameron, who introduced the pledge, was most unhappy, as were many Conservative MPs.

It wasn’t just MPs unhappy about it.

Tim Montgomerie, Conservative columnist and former adviser to Boris Johnson, took to Twitter to share his justified disappointment.

While many people found themselves in the surprising position of agreeing with him that the move was both a mistake and a broken promise, they couldn’t help but be baffled by his naivety.

These five responses hit the spot.






Curator of ‘The Week In Tory’, @RussInCheshire summed up the move.

By an odd coincidence, the PM had shared a letter he claimed to have received from an 8-year-old, named Monti.

It caused the Chief Political Correspondent of The Times to say this …

He should write to Santa.

Dear Father Christmas, I’ve been very good.

All I want this year is a PS5 and for Boris Johnson to have a change of personality.


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