This takedown of these homophobic and racist American Pagans is very satisfying indeed

We first saw this takedown a little while ago and it’s just gone viral again on Reddit because people loved it so much.

It’s a response by an Irish Pagan society to some American visitors who were apparently hoping to get married in Ireland and had some very specific requests.

‘Sarah has been reported dead,’ said boring_bisexual_bee who shared it over on Reddit.

Some very good advice there, we can surely all agree.

‘Irish paganism is massively anti bigotry. You’ll be hard pressed to find anyone in thay scene willing to perform a ceremony like that.’ jodiebeanbee

‘Paganism in general, at least the organizations that I’ve met/been involved with, is extremely anti-bigotry. That’s not to say that there isn’t problems (most notably, the treatment of native tribes and the disrespect for closed practices) but pretty much every group will kick you to the curb if you say stuff like this.’ RenegonParagade

‘Thank you Ireland.’ jackiebee66


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Source Reddit u/boring_bisexual_bee